The Centro Esportazioni Conservati Srl history has got its origins in the early '900 when Federico D'Alessio (1847-1934) began his production business in the canning industry by creating a partnership with the family Gaetano.
Important and specialized canning factories in exports to which were later dedicated his son Matteo (1887 - 1941) and later his nephew Federico Maria (1920 - 1995).
Late '40 – Plant of M. and L. D'Alessio, Nocera Inferiore - Manual crimping cans department
1961 - Lagos, Nigeria - Federico Maria D'Alessio with an importer of ethnic Yoruba
20s - Casablanca, Morocco / advertising products Gaetano and D’Alessio
It was this latter to found in 1968, the Centro Esportazioni Conservati Srl. A family tradition that has come, today, to the fourth generation.
1918 - Vintage Postcard V. D'Alessio displays